September 1st – 10:40am – 12:00pm
Room: TBD
Chair: TBD
  • 11:20h: Experimental Equipment Design and Setup for Measuring Electronic Devices Under Magnetic Fields
    • André Perin, Rudolf Bühler and Renato Giacomini

  • 11:40h: Simple Measuring System for Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis of Fluids
    • Jean Paulo Nakatu Longo, Juliana Padilha Leitzke, Rigoberto E. M. Morales and Marco José da Silva

  • 12:00h: Vision-Based Position Control Applied to Probe Positioning for Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
    • Laura Amorim, Hudson Miranda, Johnathan Melo, Cassiano Rabelo, Luiz Gustavo Cançado, Luiz Fernando Etrusco and Ado Jorio