Optics & CMOS

September 1st – 14:00pm – 16:00pm
Room: Wafer
Chair: Felipe Valline
  • 14:40h: CMOS Image Sensor with FPN Reduction by Correlated Double Sampling in Current Mode
    • Rubens Souza, Luiz Ventura, Luisa Reis, Davies Monteiro and Luciana Salles

  • 15:00h: Development of an Analog and Mixed-Signal Read-out Circuit for Long-Wavelength Infrared Focal Plane Arrays
    • Marcel Claro and Alain André Quivy

  • 15:20h: Porous Silicon Passivation for Applications in Sensors and Photovoltaics: Optical Characterization
    • Rosimara Toledo, Carlos Eduardo Dias, Danilo Huanca, Savio Zaccaro and Walter Salcedo

  • 15:40h: Simplified Volterra Series for the Behavioral Modeling of Dual-band Power Amplifiers under Carriers with Integer Multiple Frequencies(SFORUM)
    • Thierry Dompsin, Otavio Riba and Eduardo Lima