August 31st – 14:00pm – 16:00pm
Room: Wafer
Chair: João Martino
  • 14:40h: Analysis of Carrier Mobility in Triple Gate SOI nFinFET Combining Rotated Substrate and Strain
    • Thales Augusto Ribeiro, Eddy Simoen, Cor Claeys, João Antonio Martino and Marcelo Antonio Pavanello
  • 15:00h: Diffuse Interface Modeling for Electromigration Induced Void Growth
    • Leonardo Queiroz and Roberto Orio

  • 15:20h: Innovation in Higher Education: specificity of the microelectronics field
    • Olivier Bonnaud

  • 15:40h: A modified Shichman-Hodges model for OFETs usable in the Quite Universal Circuit Simulator(SFORUM)
    • Alex Lima, Muthupandian Cheralathan and Stefan Blawid