RF Receivers

September 2nd – 10:40am – 12:20pm
Room: TBD
Chair: Sergio Bampi
  • 10:40h: An Ultra Wide Band Analog-to-Digital Converter based on a Delta-Riemann architecture
    • Francois Rivet, Elina Fiawoo, Richard Montigny, Patrick Garrec and Yann Deval

  • 11:00h: A 450 mV Supply Self-biased Wideband Inductorless Balun LNA for sub-GHz Applications
    • Arthur Liraneto Torres Costa, Hamilton Klimach and Sergio Bampi

  • 11:20h: A Digitally Tunable 4th-order Gm-C Low-Pass Filter for Multi-Standards Receivers
    • Mateus Oliveira, Lucas Severo, Alessandro Girardri, Altamiro Susin and Paulo César de Aguirre

  • 11:40h: A 0.7 V Fully Differential First Order GZTC-C Filter
    • Pedro Toledo, Renê Timbo, Hamilton Klimach, David Cordova, Sergio Bampi and Renato Ribas

  • 12:00h: Mentor Higher Education Program  – Invited Presentation
    • Marcelo Ferreira