Mixed Signal, Test and Reliability

September 2nd – 8:40am – 10:20am
Room: TBD
Chair: Luciano Agostini
  • 8:40h: A Mutual Rectification-Interference Avoidance Technique with Cascade Filters for Both Downward- Direction Tailed-RDF Deconvolution
    • Hiroyuki Yamauchi and Worawit Somha

  • 9:00h: A new two-step Sigma-Delta architecture column-parallel ADC for CMOS image sensor
    • Pierre Bisiaux, Caroline Lelandais-Perrault, Filipe Vinci Dos Santos, Anthony Kolar and Philippe Bénabès

  • 9:20h: Focal-Plane Image Encoder with Cascode Current Mirrors and Increased VQ Bit Rate
    • Fernanda Oliveira, Tiago Lopes, José Gabriel Gomes, Fernando Barúqui and Antonio Petraglia

  • 9:40h: Automatic Layout Integration of Bulk Built-In Current Sensors for Detection of Soft Errors
    • Mário Vinícius Pelegrini Guimarães and Frank Sill Torres

  • 10:00h: Inserting Stuck-On fault input dependence on PTM to improve robustness evaluation
    • Rafael Schivittz, Rafaél Fritz, Denis Franco, Cristina Meinhardt and Paulo Butzen