Analog circuits

September 1st – 14:00pm – 16:00pm
Room: TBD
Chair: André Mariano
  • 14:00h: A balanced logic routing block for factorial-DLL based frequency generation
    • Yann Deval and Francois Rivet

  • 14:20h: Analytic Boundaries for 6T-SRAM Design in Standby Mode
    • Fabián Olivera and Antonio Petraglia

  • 14:40h: A 0.3 V, High-PSRR, Picowatt NMOS-Only Voltage Reference using zero-V_T Active Loads
    • David Cordova, Arthur Oliveira, Pedro Toledo, Hamilton Klimach, Sergio Bampi and Renato Ribas

  • 15:00h: Successful Prototyping of Complex Integrated Circuits with Focused Ion Beam
    • Emmanuel Petitprez, Dalton Colombo, Felipe Henes, Laurent Courcelle, Ronald Tararam, Saulo Jacobsen, Rafaeal Soares, Cristiano Krug and Marcelo Lubaszewski

  • 15:20h: A systematic design approach for nanoscale inductor-less regulated cascode stages
    • Claudio Talarico, Giulio D’Amato, Gianfranco Avitabile, Giovanni Piccinni and Giuseppe Coviello

  • 15:40h: Analysis and Design of Ultra Low Voltage Dickson Charge Pumps – (SFORUM)
    • Marcio Machado, Pedro Machado, Franciele Nornberg, Marcio Schneider and Carlos Montoro