Embedded Software and Systems

September 1st – 10:40am – 12:40pm
Room: FPGA
Chair: Marcio Kreutz
  • 10:40h: Cache Sizing for Low-Energy Elliptic Curve Cryptography
    • Felipe A. Piovezan, Tarcísio E. M. Crocomo and Luiz C. V. dos Santos

  • 11:00h: Energy-aware Scheduling in Transactional Memory Systems
    • Ademir Marques Junior and Alexandro Baldassin

  • 11:20h: Architectural Exploration of Last-Level Caches targeting Homogeneous Multicore Systems
    • Rodrigo Cataldo, Guilherme Korol, Ramon Fernandes, Debora Matos and Cesar Marcon

  • 11:40h: A Lightweight Software-based Runtime Temperature Monitoring Model for Multiprocessor Embedded Systems
    • Guilherme Castilhos, Luciano Ost and Fernando Moraes

  • 12:00h: Cadence University Program 2.0 – Enablement and Benefits – Invited Presentation
    • Patrick Haspel
  • 12:20h: Proposal of a Single-Phase Wattmeter Based on Analog Signal Multiplication Employing a Switched Capacitor Modulator(SFORUM)
    • Mateus Castro and Estêvão Teixeira